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About mcat

mcat is a free cataloging tool for multimedia CD/DVD collections. It can be used to catalog any file types, but it provides extended info for audio/video/image files.

    Main features:
  • scans removable media or hard disk folders and stores file structure for offline browsing and searching
  • stores media characteristics (like media type, storage info, notes, etc.)
  • provides tagging capabilities for better collection organization
  • extracts and stores extended info for multimedia files
  • allows adding notes to individual scan items
  • provides a fast and flexible search function
Planned features: please check the feedback area. You can have an idea of what I'm planning for, but waiting to know what appeals you most.


mcat is free and open source. You may use it for whatever purpose, personal, academic or commercial.

It is developed by Sorin Comanescu, a .NET programmer located in Bucharest, Romania.


Many thanks go to the creators of the following great software, used by mcat:

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19 Feb 2009
Version 0.3.1 is out.

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