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I'm trying to keep mcat as clean as possible, as opposed to bloatware. I believe adding features by popular demand is the way to go, so, if you have 30 secs to spare, why don't you lobby for your favourite feature?

I agree the fixed list of features below might be a bit limited and I know the 'Other' area is too small.

If the anonymous poll below doesn't meet your needs, you may alternatively use the feedback form docked on the right of the screen. It is a widget and you will have to sign in/sign up to in order to post your feedback (please note the email address goes directly to and is not visible to me). Give it a try, even if signing in/up might seem overkill, this little gem is really neat!


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mcat's main window


19 Feb 2009
Version 0.3.1 is out.

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